How to become a successful partner?


Use your website or blog

  • Post articles about
  • Place our banners in HTLM5 on your website
  • Place our text advertising banners on your website
  • Place a calculator on your website page

Advertising with Youtube

  • Record and publish your video about Mining-Farm (including affiliate links in the description below the video).
  • Put our official video on your channel

Use social networks

  • Place affiliate links in your group
  • Place affiliate links on your personal page
  • Comment on thematic groups, video clips, posts, etc.
  • Comment on topical sites, blogs
  • Record and post your videos/pictures in the album


Place our official video/pictures in your album

You can leave comments on thematic articles on websites / blogs. The more organic your comment is, the more likely that the moderator will approve it. On the contrary, thoughtless posting of posts with affiliate links is unlikely to benefit, such comments are likely to be deleted


Communicate on the forums

  • Create new topics in the forums
  • Answer in thematic thread forums
  • Send affiliate links in the signatures of your messages